ICAO/WHO CAPSCA Symposium Exchanges Views on Pandemic Recovery and Future Resilience

March 30, 2022. ICCAIA today joined an esteemed group of aviation industry partners to discuss industry challenges, lessons learned, their collaboration
with CAPSCA and proposals to strengthen CAPSCA to improve future resilience.  Discussions drew on the support provided by the industry throughout the pandemic, including ICCAIA’s participation in CAPSCA and CART, modelling of the spread of virus particles onboard aircraft, disinfection and the storing/de-storing of aeroplanes.

The panel looked at lessons learnt, highlighting the continued need for a forum bringing together health and transportation,  the importance of communication, not just within the industry but to the travelling public, and the impacts of disparate and rapidly changing measures.  Looking forward, the panel looked at the short term need for the definition of “exit criteria” the the alleviation of measures and a more systematic approach to health crisis response for the future.  This lays the foundation for discussions at the ICAO 41st Assembly in September/October 2021.

The panel discussion is available on ICAO TV.

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