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Representing manufacturers and service providers for a safe, secure, sustainable and efficient international air transportation system

ICCAIA is the international organization for aerospace industry associations.

ICCAIA’s members are engaged in the design, development, manufacture and in-service support of aeronautical and space products and technologies, including related ground-based systems and services.

Recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), ICCAIA provides an avenue for the world’s aerospace manufacturers and service providers to offer their industry expertise toward the development of the international standards and regulations necessary for the safety, security, efficiency and sustainability of air transport.

Advocating for the interests of the manufacturing community, we bring the manufacturers’ views and experience to improve the understanding of challenges and opportunities to key policy makers and regulators, both at ICAO and across the world.

Benefits of Membership

ICCAIA brings together a global community of manufacturers and service providers

Benefits of Membership

ICCAIA brings together a global community of manufacturers and service providers to support and influence the future of the aviation system. Our members represent over three thousand individual companies with a diverse range of products, skills, services and specialities.

ICCAIA’s purpose is to:
  1. Promote the technological advances necessary to support the achievement of safe, sustainable and economical air transport.
  2. Represent the needs of its membership and the industry in respect of national and international bodies responsible for aviation, in particular the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  3. Support aviation policies that promote a sustainable global economy through safe, secure, efficient and  dependable  air transport.
  4. Maintain the industry’s commitment to high standards of professional performance, integrity, fairness and reliability.
  5. Reinforce the industry’s commitment to sustainability.
  6. Advocate for policies and regulatory frameworks that will support future growth and innovation in the industry

Through their membership of ICCAIA, associations can ensure that their members are represented in global policy decisions and their voices are heard on the international stage.

  • Ensuring that manufacturers’ views are heard when global policy is formulated
  • Bringing together the world’s experts to recommend new channels for development and innovation
  • Providing a community to help and advise with ideas, issues and challenges
  • Strengthening the global voice toward better, outcome focused, flexible regulation
  • Advancing the agenda on sustainability, digitalization and innovation
  • Highlighting local and regional challenges and opportunities that should be considered
ICCAIA and its members participate in over fifty ICAO Panels and groups, including:

Aerodromes Design and Operations Panel

Accident Investigation Panel Advisory Group

ADOP/Aerodrome Design Working Group

ADOP/Aerodrome Operations Working Group

ADOP/Friction Task Force

ADOP/Ground Handling Task Force

ADOP/Rescue and Firefighting Advisory Group

ADOP/Heliport Design Advisory Group

ADOP/Visual Aids Advisory Group

ADOP/Obstacle Limitation Task Force

Airworthiness Panel Advisory Group

Air Traffic Management Requirements and Performance Panel – ATMRPP

ATM Ops Panel


AVSEC/Working Group on Innovation

Communications Panel

Committee on Environmental Protection (CAEP)

CAEP/Working Group Aircraft Noise and Technical Issues

CAEP/Working Group Airports and Operations

CAEP/Working Group Emissions Technical Issues

CAEP/Working Group CORSIA

CAEP/Fuel Task Group

CAEP/Long-term Aspirational Goal Task Group

CART Council Aviation Recovery Task Force and Technical Working Group


Dangerous Goods Advisory Group

Facilitation Panel

Flight Operations Panel FLTOPS

FLTOPS/Helicopter Sub-group

FLTOPS/All Weather Ops Sub-group

FLTOPS/Performance Based Navigation Sub-Group

FLTOPS/Security Sub-Group

Flight Operations Panel Cargo Safety Study Group

GBAS Working Group

GNSS Working Group

Global Air Safety Plan Roadmap Group

Industry Consultative Forum

Instrument Flight Procedures Panel

IFPP/Performance-Based Navigation Working Group

IFPP/Flight Operations Working Group

Information Management Panel

Navigation Systems Panel

Performance-based Navigation Study Group

Personnel Training and Licensing Panel

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Panel

Secretariat Study Group on Cybersecurity

Separation and Airspace Safety Panel

Spectrum Working Group

Surveillance Panel

Safety Management Panel Advisory Group

Trust Framework Group

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