Priorities and Policy

Representing manufacturers and service providers for a safe, secure, sustainable and efficient international air transportation system

ICCAIA’s Strategic Priorities are:

  1. Build on ICCAIA’s position as a preeminent industry association within the United Nations system, with other international standard-setting bodies and with Member States.
  2. Promote the resilience of the future aerospace and aviation industry, including in the areas of Sustainability (Net Zero policy), Workforce, Safety and Security and Resilience to Future Shocks.
  3. Grow ICCAIA’s membership and presence while ensuring its continued effective operation.
  4. Minimize adverse regulatory impact and avoid market distortion.
  5. Advocate for processes to allow for a regulatory framework compatible with the capabilities and needs of the manufacturer and service provider community.
  6. Ensure appropriate representation and advocacy for technical and strategic subjects of interest to the sector.

The content below includes a range of articles, policies and papers on topics of importance to the industry.

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