Jan Pie at ICAO State of the Industry Address

Montreal 12th November 2021 – Jan Pie, Chairman of ICCAIA, today spoke about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the outlook for the manufacturing and services industry at the ICAO State of the Industry address.

He spoke about the profound effect of the pandemic on manufacturing but highlighted that it will be some time before we can quantify the impact on jobs, and the associated loss of skills. Many of our companies, both in manufacturing and services, have also experienced significant disruptions to their supply chains.

Presenting the numbers of deliveries of widebody and narrowbody aircraft, Mr. Pie demonstrated both the negative impact of the pandemic and the prediction of return to growth not being seen before 2023.  We are, however, seeing the beginnings of a recovery and Mr. Pie highlighted that there are positive impacts in terms of more efficient aircraft replacing some of the older aircraft grounded in the past two years.

Looking forward, Mr. Pie spoke about new markets and the potential of urban air mobility as a driver of innovation, as well as opportunities to rebuild in a sustainable manner.

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