ICCAIA joins the International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition

Montreal, April 23, 2024.

ICCAIA is pleased to announce that it has joined the International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition, or IACAC, as its first member from the industry.

IACAC is an initiative begun by a group of like-minded States at the Glasgow COP-26 meeting. The Coalition is centred around a Declaration that has so far gathered 60 State signatories, along with a group of other organisations. With Secretariat support facilitated by the United Kingdom, the IACAC is a coalition of equals that bridges between the UNFCCC-COP and the activities undertaken by the ICAO, and specifically within the Committee for Aviation Environmental Protection. The IACAC presented important papers, aligned with ICCAIA’s views, to both the ICAO General Assembly and the more recent CAAF/3 sustainable fuels meeting. In the former, the IACAC pushed towards setting a Long Term Aspirational Goal of Net Zero carbon emissions from international civil aviation by 2050 – a goal that had already been declared as the target of industry organisations, including ICCAIA, in the preceding months.

As the IACAC takes its next steps, ICCAIA is looking forward to bringing the voice of the aircraft manufacturers and service provider community into future deliberations and making further, positive contributions towards achieving the Long Term Aspirational Goal.

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