ICCAIA and IATA welcome members of the ICAO Advanced Air Mobility Study Group

Montreal, 1st May 2023

ICCAIA and IATA were pleased to host an informal reception to welcome members of the newly formed ICAO Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Study Group this evening.

The new group provides an important opportunity to exchange experiences, information, and best practice on this exciting new area. We look forward to achieving alignment at a global level to enable scaling of the trials and operations that we’ve already seen.

Our congratulations as well to Brenden Hedblom from EVE Air Mobility who has been elected Vice-Chair and is also leading ICCAIA’s own AAM advisory group.

Nina Brooks (ICCAIA) welcomes participants from the new AAM Study Group
Brenden Hedblom, Vice Chair (ICCAIA) Kirsten Riensema, Chair (UK CAA), Ruby Sayyed (IATA), Nina Brooks (ICCAIA)
Steve Creamer Director, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO
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