ICCAIA Calls on ICAO to Establish a Permanent Crisis Response Mechanism

Montreal (13 October 2021) – Jan Pie, Chair of The International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA), today made a statement to the Ministerial Plenary of the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) High Level Conference on COVID (HLCC) congratulating the work performed to date and calling for the establishment of an international crisis response mechanism to be prepared for future pandemics and other emergencies.

The intervention comes as government and industry stakeholders from around the globe meet for the two-week long HLCC that centres on round-table sessions bringing together Ministers of Transport and Health with senior civil aerospace sector leaders. Focusing on the application of guidance issued by ICAO’s Council Aviation Recovery Task-force (CART) for the reopening, rebuilding and resilience of aviation through the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting also looks to the future and how to resist future shocks.

“As we look ahead, we can use the collective wisdom that has been acquired during this pandemic to build the institutional structures and processes that will be necessary to anticipate and respond to the next crisis,” said ICCAIA Chairman Jan Pie “The manufacturing industry recommends that ICAO establish a programmatic and structured approach to respond to any future crisis affecting global aviation,” he continued.

The HLCC continues until October 22nd, with representatives from the civil aerospace manufacturing and services community contributing expertise across workstreams on safety and passenger facilitation.

ICCAIA represents the aerospace manufacturing and support industries from the United States, Europe, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, and Mexico. ICCAIA members have made significant technical contributions and provided modeling expertise to ICAO CART work since its inception in April 2020.

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